Monday Monday

Hey y’all … this weekend I thought about ways to make my blog more fun and I thought I’d do something cute on a couple days of the week as a regular occurring theme (which hopefully I’ll be better at keeping up with than just random postings … hee hee).

For now I am going to have Music Monday’s. I haven’t gotten much farther than that thought, but for now it should be fun. What’s funny about this story is that today when I was browsing my friends’ sites I noticed that Jenni over at Prairie Air had the exact same thought this weekend as far as the music post is concerned. Good times!

So this Monday … I have the song Monday Monday by The Mamas And The Papas in my head. Each Monday I’m going to find a song that has the word “Monday” in it and post until I get sick of Monday songs and then I’ll switch to something else. I twittered(tweeted?) my thoughts this morning and now I’ve finally had time to update the thought to my blog. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. Bada dada dada!
    Thanks for the linky:o) I’m thinking of going through the alphabet next Monday, but that might get kinda long. I feel I need some kind of theme to tie the songs together. Sure, I could just post one song, but I doubt I could narrow it down to just one. I’m really hoping people will start suggesting songs for me to listen to and I’ll find some new favorites that I’d never heard before.

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