The mother’s day that wasn’t …

Today we have a guest blogger visiting us … I thought Miss Rachel’s mother’s day story was hilarious so I asked her if she’d mind if I posted it here for your enjoyment as well. Hope y’all had a most fantastic mother’s day and honored all those in your life who are mothers or mother figures. Much love to you all!


RachelI will not be visiting my mother this weekend for Mother’s Day.  It’s my Grandmother’s 92nd birthday, and my extended family will be in town.  Why is this a bad thing?  Well…my Aunt Sue is crazy and has been emotionally and mentally abusing her 6 children for years.  Now she is going through a very bitter divorce, and the two youngest cousins have gone from sweet, innocent “Quaker-likes” to potty-mouthed brats; especially the youngest, who is 12.  On top of all that, there’s a custody battle ensuing between not only Aunt Sue and Uncle Pat, but also with the older siblings.  The elder cousins have good intentions about letting the girls live with them, but Aunt Sue has placed court orders against the four of them, and the family is literally being ripped apart at the seams.  Aunt Sue is my father’s youngest sister, and it’s very hard for him to not take sides; especially since my mom doesn’t get along with her at all. 

 Aunt Jane is the older of the two sisters and is an amazing person.  When she was younger, she wanted to be a truck driver – that’s 18 wheels – but my grandmother wouldn’t allow it and forced her into nursing school.  Fortunately, she has a gift for nursing and also has a personal manner that can soothe even the grouchiest of persons.  Aunt Jane makes Grandmother feel like a queen, whereas, Aunt Sue just belittles and agitates her.

 Uncle Scott is my dad’s older half brother from Grandmother’s first marriage.  He is a retired iron worker, but still works an occasional job every now and then, or whenever he gets on my mom’s nerves.  He used to live in Ft Pierce, but moved up to Tallahassee to call my parent’s house his new home base and uses his 5th wheel as his home away from home when off site for work.  Lately, he has been spending the majority of his time on his property in Georgia, but this past week, he flew to Kentucky to see Aunt Sue and her girls.

 My mother, who I love but is also a little crazy, recently underwent neck surgery to replace two bulging herniated disks.  One Saturday when I was in town visiting, we were walking towards the entrance of Publix, when she fell.  I was behind her and remember thinking to myself, “Mom, you’re going to need to pick up your feet, or you’re going to trip.”  Sure enough, as she was lifting her left foot to step up, she tripped and landed on her knees and hands.  I was helping her into a sitting position when a bag boy and two other bystanders came up to ask if she was ok.  She likes to tell people that I pushed her, since I was behind her.  After a bunch of tests from her chiropractor, doctor and a couple of visits with the neurologist, it was determined that she had a B12 deficiency, (which causes numbness and nerve damage), and they found the two bulging, herniated disks and scheduled her for surgery immediately.  The first thing she said to me right before she went in for surgery was that she was going to milk her recovery like it was going out of style. 

 Ok, so picture this:  my mother, who will be acting like a martyr, but secretly expecting attention, will be playing host to my crazy Aunt Sue, her two potty-mouth brats and my Aunt Jane, who are here specifically to see Grandmother, whose birthday almost ALWAYS falls on Mother’s Day. Also, my Uncle Scott will be back in town, which may, or may not drive my mother bonkers.  And then my father has to dote on Grandmother, dote on my aunts and uncle and make sure my mother doesn’t get out of hand when they all sit down to talk about Aunt Sue’s divorce and such.  If I had come into town, my mom would have pawned my cousins off on me and expected me to entertain them, so she could go and spend the entire weekend in bed with the cats.  So no, I will NOT be going home to see my mom this weekend for Mother’s Day.  I went last weekend.