Two things …


It has been brought to my attention that the stories I have from work may be seen as ranting and not necessarily humorous. I want to point out two things:

First, I am not perfect. The only perfect person was Christ and I never claim to be him … I only try my best to be like him. I know that I fall short quite often and I can be pessimistic and cynical. I need to remind those out there that the stories I have selected are chosen because they are anomalies. I deal with so very many good students who really have their act together and who are very grateful for the service we provide but those are not funny and therefore they do not make it on my website.

The second thing I wanted to point out was that I am going to start writing more “feel good” stories to balance out the more humorous ones. When my book is published it will only be the ridiculous ranting so if you’re not into that sort of thing … don’t buy it. 🙂

Please remember that these thoughts are representative of myself and not necessarily those of my coworkers nor the University in which I am employed. Much love to you all … next up … the heartwarming story of how I got Mr. Bear.