Owl Pellets?

So, on the way in to work this morning I had a random thought pop into my head … Owl Pellets. For those that do not know, owls do not chew their food, small prey items are swallowed whole while larger items are picked apart before being swallowed. Several hours after eating, the indigestible parts (fur, bones, teeth & feathers that are still in the gizzard) are compressed into a pellet and then eventually regurgitated.

So, you’re probably asking yourself what made me think of owl pellets this morning. Honestly, I have no idea. All of a sudden as I’m about to walk into my building … I randomly think about owl pellets and fondly remember their dissection when I was in 7th grade. Well, since I had owl pellets on the brain I did a search and found an awesome website that takes you through owl pellet dissection VIRTUALLY. I thought this was particularly awesome for the homeschooling folks out there. So, check it out. It’s way cool!


2 thoughts on “Owl Pellets?

  1. SICK. thanks for using the grossest picture ever on this post. kids hands and faces all up in the owl pellets? SICKKKK.

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