Hooked on … iron spindles

Hey y’all … I’m joining in the fun on the Hooked on Houses site. Normally I’d be super creative and come up with something original that I’m hooked on (check out my earlier post for something recently that’s intrigued me) but today I’m taking a clue from my friend over at Designing Your Dream Home. She’s hooked on iron balustrades and I’m going one step further … I’m totally hooked on iron spindles with wood handrails and/or posts. Here are a few pics to demonstrate what I’m talking about …




I love them! I can’t wait to build my dream home so I can have one of these staircases! Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pics … let me know your thoughts on railings … in my family we’ve had all sorts (especially since we moved into a new home every 2-4 years).

Have a great weekend y’all! I’m off to see Jimmy Buffett tomorrow! WOO HOO!




5 thoughts on “Hooked on … iron spindles

  1. So glad my post inspired you to join Julia’s blog party. I just scanned and downloaded 20 more staircase railing photos… these are iron with a wood handrail…the first post was all iron. That will be posted sometime this weekend…so check back. Enjoy a margarita!!!

  2. hiya, thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Those are really beautiful, I love the mix of wood and iron. I can relate to the moving every 2-4 years…would be so nice to unpack and know that things will stay there for awhile, wouldn’t it?

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