Friday Funny


So, yesterday I received an Easter card in the mail from my mommy. It was super sweet and very thoughtful but there’s a catch … I already received one last week. Yes, you read that correct. I already received the same card (exact same card mind you) with almost the same sentiment inside. It’s always nice getting mail … especially from my mommy … but it’s just hilarious that she sent me the same exact card because she forgot that she had already sent me one. 🙂

The funniest part of this story is that my sisters and I have a long running joke with my mom about her memory. It’s not that she’s pre-Alzheimer’s or anything … most of the time her memory is just fine. It’s just that when she’s completely overwhelmed and tired, etc. she repeats things … forgetting that she’s already asked the question, etc.

For example: One morning soon after my one sister had come home for the last few weeks after working the summer camp my mom had asked her, “How’d you sleep?” to which she replied, “Fine.” Well, not but a few moments later my mom asked the very same question, “How’d you sleep?” to which my sister (thinking that maybe mom hadn’t heard her the first time) replied, “Fine.” It was only when my mom … not too long after that … repeated the phrase once again, “How’d you sleep?” that my sister said, “FINE! Mom, you’ve already asked me TWICE!” Poor mommy. She had no idea that she was repeating herself. So now, when any of us asks a question more than once or does something to repeat ourselves the appropriate remark is, “How’d you sleep?”

I called my mom last night to thank her for the card and to mention that I had received the exact same one last week and her response to me was, “How’d you sleep?” LMAO. I love my family. I love that we can laugh at each other and with each other. Good times! 🙂

Anyway, have a fabulous weekend y’all! I’m off to see David Sedaris tonight! If y’all don’t know who he is I’ve included a few links for your reading pleasure. My book club read Me Talk Pretty One Day and I loved it! I now try to read one of his books whenever I get a chance. Enjoy!

Time Magazine’s 10 Questions for David Sedaris:,9171,1101040621-650720,00.html

Interview with David Sedaris by Linda Richards:

Selected pieces from NPR: