question …

Why must college students wait until lunch time to handle their business? Especially knowing that we, too, must take lunch and therefore our office will be significantly short of employees?

They give out loud sighs and stare at us as if it is somehow our fault that they are having to wait. I would like to mention that had their lazy butts been here between 8-11 they would have been seen right away but because they don’t get up before noon they must now find some patience because the more they stare and make snide remarks the more I will take my sweet time calling them back …


2 thoughts on “question …

  1. So funny. I hate waiting in lines and would gladly get up early to avoid waiting for something like that. Em and I already are becoming geezers because we try to eat lunch around 11 and dinner around 4 or 5 to beat the rush! (things are a bit more crowded up here than most of FL though 😛 )

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