some thoughts …

I’m sitting here eating lunch and thinking about some of the conversations I’ve had with students today. Just a moment ago I helped a student who was super pissed at the University for ruining her life. Of course. So when I asked her about it she said she had a hold that was preventing her from registering. When I pulled up her account I realized that it’s the same hold that goes on student accounts each term … a contact number request.

Basically the University places this hold each term to make sure that we have an up to date contact number on file in case of emergencies. When the student visits their account and they see the message that says they have holds they’re supposed to click the link that says “view holds”. I know, what a concept. Well, after I showed her the link for her to view her holds and pointed out that it was the contact number issue that she’s been getting each term, she said, “This is ridiculous … how do I get rid of it? It won’t go away!”

I calmed her down and pointed at the bright blue letters that said “click here”. She said, “Oh.” Once she clicked on the link “click here” she then stated once again … without really even reading the screen I might add, “This is so stupid!” At this point I showed here where she can hit submit since it already has her correct number on file and voila! The hold was gone! What a concept. It must have been so challenging to take care of this very same hold that was on her account last semester and even more challenging to see where it said either VIEW HOLDS or CLICK HERE. I worry for our future if this is who will be running the country one day.