New Year … New Resolutions (and holiday party photos)

This year I’m vowing to become more healthy and to get back into shape. There is absolutely no excuse for having the fat I have on my body or my lack of cardio fitness … I have no kids … I have the time … I’m just LAZY. So, with my new roomie I’m hitting the gym. I’ve bought a beautiful Tommy Bahama bathing suit that shows all the things I hate about my body right now (which, according to my friends, is all in my head) and I am going to try my darnedest to make sure I look good in it by summer!
Today was book club. We read Life of Pi … of course … I only read the first quarter. Honestly I just couldn’t get into it. I’ve been told that it’s a good book and I think that eventually I’ll go back and finish the book but I think that really right now I’m not really in that frame of mind. Our book for next month is Jane Eyre. I never had a chance to read that book so I’m looking forward to it. Plus, it’s a quick read and quite interesting so I’m sure I’ll be finished by our next meeting on February 1st.
Work begins again tomorrow. Not that excited. Thankful that I have a job in this economy though. Well, still haven’t uploaded pics from my Christmas vacation … I’m such a slacker … but I’ll try my hardest to get them uploaded soon. 🙂
For now I’m posting pics from my holiday party. Enjoy!

My sister, Lauren, with my Mom and Dad

Jeff and Phil

Wendi and Jarrett

Stef, Me, and Heather

Erica, Rachel, and Renee

Rick, Phil, Randy, and Jeff, with Myself

Melissa, Me, and Wendi

Me and Jeannie