Happy New Year

Hey y’all … just got home from a bonfire at my friend’s house this evening. What a great way to end the day and what a great way to end a wonderful vacation. Work begins again on Monday. Whoopee! (0r not) 😉 This week is the first week of classes at the University which means that the students will be switching around their classes because their teachers are “horrible”, missing classes because the room has changed and they haven’t checked their schedule, asking about their financial aid refunds because they lack budgeting skills and have spent all their Christmas money already … goodness. Tonight I’m only going to think about the wonderful time off that I’ve had and look forward to tomorrow’s book club meeting. I promise that eventually I’ll upload pictures. G’nite y’all! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Whoops. That was me who just wrote that. Sorry, I was signed in to my other account. That’s my photography sharing web site. Hopefully you’ll join us over there for some fun!

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