Please … Save The Loop!

Down by my family home is a stretch of land affectionately named “the loop“. Developers have come in many many many times and tried to buy up the land to build houses or strip malls or something whereby destroying the Florida’s natural beauty. Taking a drive through this stretch of road takes you back to a simpler time. It is unspoiled natural wild beautiful Florida.
Now … I am a conservative by nature and although some would see that as a “highest bidder” mentality … I beg to differ. Teddy Roosevelt was a great conservative and a great conservationist. I feel that although progress is a wonderful thing … there are some things that should be preserved. The loop is one of those things (read this article).
Around Volusia and Flagler Counties you will see signs that say “save the loop” … please, not only check out the links and pictures I’ve provided but, take a drive and see for yourself.