afternoon thoughts … and opinions please …

Hey y’all … I know I’ve been slacking lately with the postings of articles I’ve enjoyed instead of actually writing something myself … sorry. Please forgive me. Okay, thanks.

Moving on. I have a dilemma. I have a man in my life who likes me but obviously not enough to step up to the plate. He keeps saying things that lead me to believe he’s interested but he never actually makes a move. Once every few months it seems … if timing is right … he’ll take me on a date and we’ll talk and things will be good. Then I’ll go home (and not sleep with him because I’m trying to be a good girl here) and I will talk to him again for another day or so … and then not again for sometimes a few weeks to a month or more. In between I’ve had three separate relationships. I mean, come on. He’s currently working on his MBA and is busy with his job, etc. but I feel like if he really wanted to secure me he would have done so by now. So, I’m feeling like a back up plan. I confronted him about it last night. Saying that obviously he’s not interested because he’s lacking romantic gestures, etc. and he gave me a song and dance about what’s really important in a relationship and how he’s busy yada yada yada.

So, my question is: Do I just not answer his calls anymore and cut him out of my life? I mean, should I make it very clear that we are just to remain friends? Or should I give him some sort of ultimatum about this situation we’ve got going? I mean, I have a soft spot for him and would like to possibly give the relationship a chance but if he’s too busy then obviously I need to really look elsewhere. So, please, give me your opinions. Thanks y’all.