the temps are dropping

YAY! The past few days it has felt more like Virginia than Florida and I, for one, am quite happy about it. I know, I know … if I like the cold I should move back up north … or so my friends tell me often. But, I can’t. So, I shall enjoy the cold snaps we rarely have and our month of January (also known as winter) where I get to wear all my nice warm coats and boots, etc.

Mom and dad came up this past weekend to help install new track lighting in my kitchen, a new fan in the guest room, and hang a pic on the wall in the dining room. I tell ya … parents truly come in handy sometimes. 😉

Lauren moves back home from Arkansas next month (in 10 days to be precise). I couldn’t be happier! I can’t wait for her to get back into school and get back to focusing on the things she should be concerned about at the age of 20 instead of living the tough life – working all week to barely make ends meet. I’m happy that she’s making the smart choice.

Ashley is thoroughly enjoying Los Angeles. She’s officially gone to a Hollywood birthday party now and met a few celebs. Too cute! She truly is living the life. Now if only we could figure out how the hell we’re going to afford to fly her home for Christmas! $600 is the going rate right now. AHHHHH. I mean, I know it’s Christmas and all … but that is way out of our price range. I think Ashley, Mom, Grandma, Aunt Trish, and Myself are all going to have to go in on this one. Mom is determined to wait it out and fly Ashley in last minute. Which might work. I mean, the last minute fares are quite cheap if you don’t care about the times you’re flying, etc. Ashley really just wants to come home … she doesn’t care if she has to hop a flight at 4:30 am. It’s a good thing because that’s just what might happen. 😉

Well, I’m off to do some reading and head to bed. Didn’t win the camera from PioneerWoman. DARN. I have the worst luck. Oh well.

P.S. I went and saw Steven Levitt last night at the University. He gave a lecture on his book, Freakonomics, and was quite funny and poignant. I was afraid I would be bored to tears but he is in person as he is in his book … good sense of humor and very interesting stories. I highly recommend his book and if you get a chance to see him lecture … GO. You won’t be disappointed.