home sick and homesick

Me and my sisters at a pumpkin patch in northern Virginia
I have a freakin cold. It’s so annoying … it’s not like the flu or bronchitis or something that makes you really feel awful but it’s just enough to completely annoy you. The runny/congested nose, the achy-ness, the fuzzy-headed-ness. Well, when you’re sick you get to make up whatever words you’d like … so there! Speaking of runny/ congested noses … how the heck is that humanly possible? I’d like someone to please explain to me how you can be so congested that you can barely breathe through your nose yet out of nowhere you can have a stream of … well you know … suddenly like a faucet has been turned on? GROSS.

Me and mommy in Hilton Head

And lying in bed all day seems pretty awesome when you’re at work but as soon as you’re home and you actually have to lie in bed all day … it’s boring as hell. I have a paper for class I could be working on of course. But then of course I’m dealing with the fuzziness of my brain (very scientific terminology here folks). Anyway, to help me cope … because my family is far away and I really want my mommy … I’m posting old photos for nostalgia’s sake and to brighten my mood. Enjoy!

Me and bunny in the apartment in Fairfax

Me and Great Grandma

baby Ashley Lynn

baby Lauren Kimberly