more random thoughts

So yesterday evening I went to Rachel’s (Ray Ray’s Cafe) for dinner and a movie. We had honey mustard baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and mixed veggies. Simple but yummy! We watched Made of Honor … cute … but not my fav. This morning I got up and met Becky at the beach to walk and talk and then we had breakfast at Shelby’s. It was absolutely beautiful this morning! I love being so close to the ocean … I know I’ve mentioned that before … but it truly helps put things in perspective for me. The ocean is a calming sanctuary for me. Anyway, yesterday was my friend Brandy’s birthday so tonight we’re having dinner at La Napolera and then going ice skating! Tomorrow morning is church … Pastor Gee is doing a new series that should be quite interesting. Check out the website for more details. Tomorrow night begins the book club meetings. Not sure I really have time for a book club … but we’ll see. Somehow this weekend in between all the goings on I’m supposed to find time to write a paper. Good times … pray for me y’all …

BLESSINGS! Until next time …


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