random thoughts

Wow. It is so much more interesting to read about other people’s lives then it is to write about mine. I guess you never think of your own life as exciting …

Well, this past weekend I went home to spend some QT with my sis … she leaves for LA tomorrow. She got the job at NBC (well, Reveille). She’s super excited. She’s super broke. She better be super good at saving her moolah or she’ll be super emailing her sis for help 😉 I can’t believe she’s going to be so far away from me. It is weird to think that I won’t be able to hug her whenever I want … I mean look at her smiling face (pardon the drunk idiots in the background) … Okay, don’t get me started on missing my baby sister … next subject …

Oh, by the way, I’ve noticed lately that I use the ellipsis way too often in my writing (pause) and it is never for for any omitted word, phrase, line, or paragraph from within a quoted passage. It is merely me gathering my thoughts (pause) and thinking (pause). I use the ellipsis when I’m dragging out a thought or I feel like a full stop is just too harsh. Sometimes you have to leave a sentence trailing and the pauses I inserted in that sentence above just don’t give the same feel to my thoughts as an ellipsis. I know, I know … but y’all will have to get over it because:

a) I don’t really think anyone reads this blog anyway
b) We all use and abuse the English language as it is with the happy faces, etc.
and c) It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want 😛

Man, I’m tired … can you tell? Night y’all!