hump day

So … today is “hump” day … Friday can’t come soon enough. I couldn’t believe it but on Monday we had about 90 students at any given time waiting in our lobby to see us. And the worst part is that I’m not exaggerating about the number. At one point there were 96 students on the roster! CRAZY! In all my years here I’ve never seen it that busy. Nothing like a tropical storm to screw up the first week of school.

Okay … I’m exhausted … and it’s only 12:20 … I still have soooo much time left in the day. And I have to go home and clean because my sister is coming Thursday evening to spend the weekend with me. Have I mentioned how happy I am that she’s back home for a while!?! I miss my family like crazy. It’s not fair that everyone has to live so darned far away. But, for now, I will sign off … get back to work … etc. I start two graduate classes this semester. One online. One on Thursday evenings. Hopefully these won’t be toooooo difficult. I’m so over school right now. Wish me luck!