going great

So, This week so far has been pretty excellent. I had a date on Sunday that has turned out to be pretty awesome … he’s making me Thai on Friday night 🙂 And I’ve been having lunches this week with good friends (Rachel even made pork chops last night and we’re having them for lunch today). Tonight I’m going to dinner with Renee … good times! Grandma and Grandpa B come into town Thursday evening and we’re going to dinner. I have off work Friday through next Wednesday. Friday morning I’ll go to Cracker Barrel with the Grandparents and then maybe catch some rays. Friday night is dinner with the new man. Saturday morning I help Rachel move into her new place. Saturday night Ashley comes into town! I’ll be in Flagler until Wednesday spending lots of time with my family! I’m so happy right now … it’s ridiculous 😉 Anyway, I’m happy to be writing to you. This is just a quick post to fill you in on how happy I am right now, did I mention I was happy? Oh, because I am …


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