BFF from UNF

So … today is the best day ever! I am going to sit right here and drink my Pinot Noir and tell you all about it …
I woke up this morning refreshed and before my alarm (which almost never happens). I got out of bed and took my shower and decided to jump right into cleaning (which also almost never happens). I vacuumed, scrubbed my bathroom floor, washed some area rugs … things that I always seem to put off until I absolutely have to do them … and decided that since I had some time before church I’d put on CBS Sunday Morning and check my email. In my Gmail I had a friend request waiting for me on Facebook and wouldn’t you know it … my good friend, Colleen, from what seems like ages ago!
I couldn’t believe it! She and I were best buds for my sophomore year at UNF. Her father had a heart attack (I think that was it) and she left spring semester to go home and attend FAU. I was devastated … here I had found my twin soul … the one who truly got me better than anyone else … the one who was just as sick and twisted and fun and evil and hilarious as I was … and she left me. Sure, we tried to keep in touch … but life gets in the way.
Next thing I know it’s been 10 years almost and here we are again … with a second chance. When I tell you this girl is funny … she’s hilarious! We have the exact same sense of humor … we liked the same food, drink, music, you name it. It was a blast being her friend! So here I am … writing back and forth today … trying to play catch up. I tell you what … God works in mysterious ways.
Here I am all depressed about my mortgage … and the lack of funds to cover my said mortgage each month … and how am I going to refinance when my condo is supposedly worth less than I owe … and all I can think about today isn’t the worries but the memories.
Life is good … despite all the shit thrown at you … life is good.