August 2 … two years later

So, it has officially been two years since I first started this thing and one thing I have definitely learned is that I am just as good at blogging as I was at keeping a journal. When I was a child I always tried to start journal-ing … I’d get busy … or lazy … and quit after a while. It’s sad in some ways to think that I am exactly the same person … just older. I’m awful at sticking with things. I definitely have a need to constantly check out newer or better or different things and therefore have a million projects started all around my house and very few get finished. Maybe this could also be the reason I’m still single. Never really any good at finishing what I’ve started. Well, I take that back … I finished college. That is quite an accomplishment, let me tell you! And, I’ve finished Teacher’s Certification. Not that it has amounted to much as of late. But, nonetheless, I mostly procrastinate … mostly wish I was different. And alas, I am who I am … and I do not like green eggs and ham …

Anyway, I felt the need to commemorate this date as it has been a long time (in Caron’s mind) and although I haven’t been as good at this as I’d like … there’s always room for improvement …

In the mean time I feel the need to inform you that I have officially said, “fixin” more than a few times over the past few months. I’m scared. It’s the one phrase I claimed emphatically I would never utter no matter how long I live in the south! And yet here I am … just today I was at lunch with my mom and we were enjoying fish and chips and coconut shrimp at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the ocean and out of my mouth the most southern phrase I’ve ever uttered … “It’s fixin to rain.” You’ve got to be kidding me!?! I’m ridiculous. Should I give into this ‘southern speak’? I think it’s pretty hopeless at this point. I mean, it hasn’t been just once … I’ve repeated this phrase several times now. I guess I can be thankful that I’m not saying, “fittin” because that would just cause my heart to stop … 😉

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