practically a month has gone by already …

It is now officially August and today is my friend Shay’s birthday. I can’t believe how fast time flies! Shay is having twins in November. My friend, Jennifer, in Boston, is having a boy in September. I can’t believe that I’m that old … that my friends are married with children. It seems like just yesterday my friends and I were riding our bikes in the neighborhood … carefree … only concern was to be home by dark.

I was thinking yesterday while reading The Pioneer Woman’s blog how wonderful it would be to live out in the middle of nowhere … to have the ability to run free out in the open … no fear of traffic. It made me think about the years (from 1st through 4th grade) I lived in Northern Virginia. It was a time of innocence. We would spend hours playing hide and seek … using the entire neighborhood. I remember asking Mr. Monahan in the winter … “Can we skate yet!?!” … waiting for our neighborhood lake to have frozen sufficiently whereby we can, in our sneakers (we’re not talking professionals here), skate until we became frozen through … only to then have one of the mom’s on the block sit us all down with hot cocoa. I remember the time I lived in the house with the giant sloping front yard. When it would snow we’d have someone stand guard on the other side of the street to watch for cars and then we’d slide down the yard … hit the snowbank and go flying out into the middle of the road. We’d land with a crash and yet, somehow, want to get up and go at it again.

Moving to Florida sure changed things. Now there is no snow and no real change of seasons, but we have the ocean … great swaths of beach to run on … lots of sand to dig our feet into … and the weather is nearly perfect year round, right? Well … that’s to be debated. ;-P

Anyway, I really must get to work … speaking of … remember the times when you didn’t have to work? When all you had to think about was whether to play with the Barbie’s before or after lunch? Seriously … I need a sugar daddy … or a handsome rancher like The Pioneer Woman …


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