obviously …

I have obviously shown how awful I am at keeping up this blog … I never was able to keep a diary for any length of time. I always seemed to forget about it eventually and move on to something else. Kinda reminds me of other aspects of my life but I won’t go there. At least not today. Today I’m feeling: a) guilty for not writing more seeing as I have received several comments on how people keep checking my blog but I haven’t updated AND b) frustrated because I have been having some awful dreams lately and have been suffering with a bit of anxiety. I am struggling with the whole ‘give your problems to God’ thing … I’ve never been really good at that, unfortunately. I’m definitely the type that tries to handle it all myself. And of course, that means I take on way too much … am concerned with things I have no control over … and worry about things that don’t really matter. SO … here I am … turning 28 this month … and I think I’m aging myself more just purely by the stress I am self-inflicting. Good times!

Well … where do I go from here?

I know I need to force myself to work out more … I know that will do wonders to my stress. I know that I need to take more time to de-stress at the end of the day and to not take my work issues home with me. I already have enough to worry about with school, etc. I think that it is also hard being in limbo right now in my personal life. I just have to remember that May 4th is not too far away. This too shall pass. Soon I will be completed with the chapter that has taken the longest so far. I can’t believe that I will actually have completed my bachelor’s degree! And before my sisters complete theirs! Which, of course, was my main goal. It will be nice to not worry about the work-school-social life balance as much. I might even start to work on other things … like maybe marriage and family. Who knows.

Anyway, I hate to be a downer. I promise that I’m alright. Everything will be alright. Spring break is this coming week. Thursday through Sunday I will be in Austin, TX, visiting my very good friend, Shay, with another good friend of mine, Terry. I am so excited to be able to get away! I only wish I had time to go to the Caribbean again this year. Although the Ritz was beautiful I think that next time I’d like to stay at the Westin in St John or at the Caneel Bay Resort. I do have my cousin’s wedding to look forward to in September. It’s in France … woo hoo! It will be nice to see him (I miss him so very much) and of course, to see more of France. The last visit was to northern France so I think I will fly in to Paris and explore the city before heading down to Brignoles for the wedding. YAY!

As a little update: I was in Orlando a few weekends ago. I visited my good friend, Greg, and my sister, Ashley Lynn. We ate at the greatest little Italian restaurant in downtown Orlando, Bravissimo. It was fantastic! And it rained on Saturday night so Greg and I went to Winter Park for a glass of wine and a good chat. Sunday we had lunch with Ashley on Park Avenue in Winter Park before she had to head to work and that evening I had dinner in Palm Coast with my mom and my sister, Lauren, at Barbara Jean’s. YUM! Yesterday I had someone come fix the water damage from the leak from the upstairs unit. It seems to be fine. Good thing. Ah, the joys of home-ownership!