okay okay

So lately I’ve been a little frustrated with my current situation. And I realize that it’s not fun being friends with someone when they’re so down. So, I’ve decided to practice the Jon Gordon mantra of Too Blessed to be Stressed. Or at least I’m going to try. HA HA.

Anyway, a little update …

I’ve started knitting. My friend Shannon taught me how a long time ago on a trip to Ft. Lauderdale and recently I’ve started again. It is quite the stress relief believe it or not and quite a convenient way to create Christmas presents when you have a budget like mine.

My sister, Ashley, came up this past Thursday and we went to the Shawn McDonald concert at the Murray Hill Theatre. Good times! She stayed through Sunday which was such a blessing because I hardly see her anymore and we really got to spend some quality time together. Plus, her boyfriend was in town for the Florida-Georgia game and we all went out Saturday night to Six Pockets. Let me just stop there for a minute because it has been probably 3-4 years since I’ve been in Six Pockets and it was sooooo expensive and smokey and gross. I remembered why I don’t go there any more.

Let’s see … I’m still 27 and single … but I have a sweet roof over my head and a steady paycheck and of course I have my health. 😉