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T. G. I. F.

For reals…

Tonight I’m headed to my church for a Women’s Conference and I’m very much looking forward to it. We’re having Kelly Minter come and talk with us about One God * One Life * One L.O.V.E.

Our Special Guest Speaker, Kelly Minter, is an author, speaker, songwriter, and singer. She is passionate about women discovering Christ through the pages of the Scripture. So whether it’s through a song, study, or spoken word her desire is to authentically express Christ to the women of this generation in a culture where so many are hurting and broken. She will be sharing about the healing and strength of Christ through the Bible’s Truth.

Kelly Minter has a bible study that Beth Moore featured one summer on her blog and my small group is going to continue where Kelly leaves off at the conference with No Other Gods every Tuesday starting February 8th. I’m very much looking forward to this study!

I hope that y’all have some wonderful plans for this weekend. I’m definitely ready for a break. I’m currently working with excel spreadsheets all day long and my brain needs a rest. I’m ready for a little R&R and definitely hoping to be renewed by this conference tonight and tomorrow.

God bless!

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Author: MissCaron

Hey y’all… thanks for stopping by! This is a way for me to keep up with my family and friends, especially those living overseas, and a way for me to meet a whole bunch of new people. I live in Florida and work at a University. Sometimes I love my job and sometimes I loathe it. I have a loving and supportive family, a great church family and some amazing friends. I have a blessed life, albeit crazy and disorganized at times, and I’m thankful for each new day and the challenges it may bring. In my blog you will find posts about anything that I consider interesting. Sometimes I’ll share articles I’ve read that have touched me in some way. Sometimes I’ll write about the actual conversations I have with the students and faculty members at the University under which I am employed. Sometimes I’ll just share stories and experiences from my personal life.

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